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President’s Letter for 2019

February 6, 2019 | 0 Comments
Kim Kellogg, President of the Board

Kim Kellogg, President

What does 2019 hold for Strive?

As we plan for what we want to accomplish in 2019, we are mindful of the challenges we face in fundraising and making grants to our grantee organizations this year.  The reason?  As generous as our donors are, in 2018 we had a 20 percent drop in donations at year-end vs. what we raised in 2017 ($81,306 vs. $108, 338).

What happened last year?  Was it a fine-tuning of giving philosophies among donors, or concerns over the new tax law and its impact on itemized deductions?  The increased involvement in supporting political causes and candidates?

Or the unrelenting natural disasters throughout California that compelled many people to give generously to those concerns instead of others in 2018?

It’s hard to tell, but we are undaunted.  And we have ambitious plans to bolster our fundraising efforts and expand our donor base this year.

As always, we count on you and the word of mouth you can spread about the important work we do and the lives we touch throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties.  Please explore our website:  Read the feature profiles about the people we’ve helped and click onto all our grantee organizations to learn more about them. I know it will be time well-spent, and you’ll be moved by the work they do.

Thank you!

Kim Kellogg
President of the Board