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Computer classes in Spanish help immigrants rise

April 21, 2020 | 0 Comments


Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Strive for Change Foundation is able to award a grant of $9,000.00 to Monument Impact for 2020. Community-based nonprofits such as Monument Impact perform outstanding work that gives hard-working people a chance to improve their lives. 

Monument Impact is a non-profit serving the predominantly Latinx immigrant community in Concord’s Monument Corridor. Densely populated, this community has historically lacked resources, such as education, transportation, workforce development, and healthcare, creating significant barriers to low-income workers seeking a better future. Monument Impact’s Workforce Development Program addresses these barriers and offers a pathway to economic advancement and stability.

Monument Impact offers comprehensive technology classes from beginning through advanced, including a 22-week Career Track course which integrates computer training, ESL, and professional development classes. The rigorous curriculum focuses on building the skills necessary for higher paying jobs and promotions.

Importantly, Monument Impact offers one of the only workplace development programs in the Bay Area to teach computer classes to students with limited English proficiency, many with less than a high school degree. They also recognize that there are multiple pathways to economic success and tailor their classes to support job seekers and small business owners alike.

Monument Impact has exceeded its own goals. In 2019, they hoped for a 90% graduation rate, but got 95% instead. They hoped graduates would find employment for at least $16/hour, but got $17/hour instead. They hoped to help ten small businesses formalize, but helped fourteen instead.

The Strive for Change Foundation is honored to support such a worthy local organization. We use 100% of our donations to bestow grants to programs like Monument Impact that are helping low-income workers rise from poverty.