• The Founder's Story

    "When I was small, my own family would have been labeled 'the working poor.' We lived in public housing in Richmond. My father worked in an "ice house" making ice. We had one used car that my father serviced and repaired himself. My mother stretched my father's small check as far as she could. She made shirts for me and skirts and blouses for my sisters. We rarely ate out."

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  • *United Way Self-Sufficiency Report, 2009

  • First Annual Leadership Summit for SFCF Grantees Scheduled in Oakland!

    On March 16, 2018, the Strive for Change Foundation is hosting a Leadership Summit in downtown Oakland that will bring together leaders from the diverse nonprofit organizations we fund, which provide job and career-training programs for the working poor in Alameda and Country Costa counties.

    The goal of this Summit is to promote ongoing collaboration among the leaders of these organizations by allowing them to actively engage with other Strive grantees on topics of interest and concern to all of them.

    Throughout the day, participants will share successful strategies and ideas for critical segments of their business, discuss challenges and solutions, and learn from each other so they can continue to strengthen their programs and build upon the important work they do to help the working poor become financially self-sufficient.

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