Supporting job-training programs in the East Bay for low-income workers with barriers to employment

About Us

Strive for Change Foundation was founded in 2006 to help overcome poverty in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.  We support innovative job-training programs that help ambitious low-income individuals get the job and life-skills training they need to improve their career opportunities, earn a sustainable income and become financially self- sufficient.

How Strive For Change Foundation Helps

We support organizations that help low-income workers acquire:

♦ Job skills training

♦ Career development support

♦ Entrepreneurship and small business creation

♦  Financial literacy and asset-building knowledge

Low-Income Workers Face These Challenges


♦ Lack of job skills

♦ Poor access to job-training programs that support improved earning potential

♦ Language, social and/or personal financial skill deficits/barriers

♦ Bay Area’s high cost of living, with expensive transportation, food, housing and health care

♦ Low minimum-wage levels

President’s Letter for 2020

It's An Honor To Serve

I feel very honored to be following in Kim Kellogg’s footsteps as President of Strive for Change as well as those wonderful leaders before her. Volunteering my time for the community around me has been important to me for many years now. Strive for Change provides me a very hands-on way to contribute.


Lend a Hand and Strive for Change!

Invest in the future of our Bay Area workforce and economic prosperity